June 18, 2011

Garlic Toast

We love garlic bread from Pizza Hut. I wanted to try it at home, but had forgotten to buy baguettes. Decided to make with slices of bread and named it as Garlic Toast. It tasted almost as good as garlic baguette.

A super easy experiment with bread...

Bread slices - 4 to 6
Softened butter - 2 tbsp or more
Garlic paste - 1 tsp (adjust as per your taste)
Mixed herbs/Italian seasoning - as you like
Red chilly flakes - if you want it a little spicy
Salt - Only if you are using unsalted butter


1. Mix butter, garlic paste, chilly flakes and herbs in a small bowl and keep aside.
2. Grease a tava or pan with a little butter and slightly toast both sides of the bread.
3. Apply the garlic mix on one side of the bread and toast till light brown.
4. Repeat with all the bread slices.

Serve hot with ketchup. Also goes well with soup.

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