About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog !!!

My name is Ramya and I'm currently blogging from Peterborough, UK. I live with my husband Rajesh and my little girl Niharika (Nikki). I am IT professional, currently on a break from work.

I started cooking at the age of 23, when I moved to Bangalore for work. Cooking was a necessity then and I never thought it would be my passion later. But, the cook in me became active after another 2 years when I got married. Most women of my generation, start cooking after getting married. But I was quite confident because I knew to cook the basic stuff to survive. It was Rajesh, who inspired the cook in me. He is an absolute foodie and loves home cooked food. Both of us having lived in 3 states of South India (Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka), we were happy to experiment the different flavours. We love both south indian and north indian cuisine. But the daily food at home is mostly south indian. He loves other international cuisine too, but my experiments are limited to indo-chinese, pizza, pasta and some salads.

This blog is aimed at the beginners seeking help with cooking. Most of my recipes are very simple. After coming to UK, I have started a little bit of baking too...but not so often as the 3 of us do not have a sweet tooth.

Thanks for reading all my blah blah...Happy cooking...If you try any recipes from here, please drop a comment. Your feedback keeps me going...

Thanks for stopping by,
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