Cooking tips

How to make Cashewnut paste
Soak a 8-10 whole cashewnuts in 1/4 cup of warm water for 15-20 mins. Grind it to smooth paste along with the water used for soaking. Adding cashewnut paste makes gravies thicker and creamy.

How to make homemade Garam Masala 
Fennel Seeds -  1 tbsp
Cloves - 10
Cinnamon stick  - 2
Cardamom  -  4
Star anise -  1
Whole black pepper corns -15 - 20
Dry roast all the ingredients lightly in a pan at medium heat for about 2-3 mts. When it cools down, grind to a fine powder and store in an airtight container.

How to soften store bought Paneer
Store bought paneer is often hard than homemade ones. This could be due to being in the cooler racks for many days. To make the paneer soft, cut them into cubes and soak in hot water for 10 minutes. Drain to a kitchen towel and pat dry.

How to Puree tomatoes
1. Boil tomatoes in hot water for 5-10 mins.
2. Peel off the skin and remove and discard the seeds.
3. Grind the tomato into a smooth paste in a mixer.

How to extract tamarind pulp
1. Soak tamarind in hot water for 5-10 mins.
2. Mash it with your fingers to form a pulp.
3. Filter it using a sieve.
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