May 31, 2011

Strawberry milkshake

Hi All, this is the last post of this month. I am overwhelmed by the 800+  hits on my blog in less than a week's time. So, here is a sweet treat for you...
My daughter is crazy about strawberries. This is her favourite drink and I hope you too would like it.

Cold milk - 200 ml
Nesquik strawberry flavour milkshake mix - 1 tbsp
Fresh strawberries - 4-5
Sugar - 2 tsp or more
Vanilla icecream or fresh cream - for topping (optional)

1. Add nesquik to the cold milk and shake well in a shaker. Pour into a glass.
2. Make a puree of strawberry and sugar (using a blender/mixer). Add this puree to the glass. It forms reddish pink layer on top of the milk.
3. Top it with vanilla ice cream or fresh cream.

Enjoy !!! Nesquik gives it a very creamy texture and gives a good flavour. Instead of using it, add more berries.

Sending this to Healing Foods - Berries hosted by Smitha, an event series started by Siri.

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