September 1, 2011

7 links Tag game

Hello friends,

I am back to my blog after a week and it really feels like a long time. For the past 1 week I missed all the yummy posts and photos of my blogger friends. We had been to Scotland and it was an awesome experience. I was relaxing after the trip, feeling lazy to cook, take photos and to blog. When I checked my blog I saw the invites from Sobha Shyam and Neha to play the 7 links tag game.

The rules are quite simple. The blogger who is tagged in this game must select the posts from their blog that fit into the categories below, which are the 7 links:

 1. The most beautiful post
 2. The most popular post
 3. The most controversial post
 4. The most helpful post
 5. The post that was surprisingly successful
 6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved
 7. The post I am most proud of

Then the blogger should publish these in their blog, choose 7 other blogger friends and pass it. Then these 7 people need to post their 7 links and each one tags 7 other bloggers. Sounds great fun and this also gives a chance for the archived recipes to come to the limelight :-)

So here are my links

The most beautiful post 

I feel Corn and Mushroom cups looked so cute and was a yummy snack.

 The most popular post 

The most popular post in terms of Page views is Paneer Burji Sandwich. This is a healthy and filling sandwich for breakfast.

  The most controversial post

No posts in this category

 The most helpful post

Many of my friends found the Appam recipe very useful.

 The post that was surprisingly successful 

Oven roasted chicken turned out to be surprisingly finger licking good. I was so eager and peeping into the oven while it was baking.

 The post that did not get the attention it deserved

Many recipes posted during the first 2 months of blogging didn't get much attention. Among those Mutton Biriyani is my favourite.

 The post I am most proud of

Butter tea cake was my first baking experiment and I was very excited and proud when I had the first bite :-)

Now the time to select 7 other friends to keep the ball rolling. They are

1. Meena of 1MB from Meena's Kitchen
2. Vidhya of Sugar n Spice
3. Saras of Saras's Kitchen
4. Uma of My Kitchen Experiments
5. Chandrani of Cuisine Delights
6. Khushi of  A Girl's Diary
7. Suja of Kitchen Corner - Try it

Girls keep the game going...


  1. Nice collection dear..loved all the recipes
    Tag game sounds fun,thanks for tagging me too...will soon post mine..hugs

  2. It was nice going through each link,loved all the recipes.Thanks a lot for tagging me.Do check this

  3. this way, even i too go thru all the recipes in my blog for the post to choose for the titles...n this tagging exposes the blog!!....thnx a lot for tagging me Ramya! taking some 5 days off to attend a, definitely will make it happen by next week....c u...bye..Meena's Kitchen


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