September 12, 2011

Paal Pidi (Rice dumplings in coconut milk)

Pidi is a small rice dumpling similar to Kozhukatta.


Roasted Rice Flour - 1 cup (I use store brought idiyappam/pathiri podi)
Water - 1 cup
Salt - a pinch

Medium thick coconut milk - 400 ml
Sugar - Add to your taste
Powdered/crushed cardamom - 1 tsp

Note: You may use whole milk instead of coconut milk. Boil till it thickens and then add pidi. Adding condensed milk also improves the taste.


1. Boil water with a pinch of salt. Pour this boiling water to the rice flour in a bowl and mix well with a wooden spoon. When it cools down a little to handle, take a little dough and roll it between your palms to form a cherry sized ball. Steam these balls in a steamer for 10-15 mins till cooked. Pidi is now ready
2. Meanwhile add coconut milk and sugar in a pan. When it is hot, add the steamed pidi and cook for about mins or more, till the coconut milk becomes thick. Add cardamom powder. You may also add chopped nuts if you like.

Serve warm. Kids are sure to love this...

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  1. Looks so delicious, I thought it was rasmalai !!!! I must try it out and see...... anything coconut is my favorite.

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

  2. That's looks so perfect ...just so wow ...loved it

  3. looks so delicious and yummy !!! happy to follow u ......

  4. looks delicious...we do it with whole milk never tried with coconut milk....will gve a try one day....
    love the pic...

  5. This looks so delicious.In my house the Pidi is usually savoury.Being a sweet tooth person I am loving this.

  6. Looks divine, this anytime

  7. My fav anytuime, feel like finishing that whole bowl..delicious!!

  8. look so cute n delicious dear, i have never tried it..bookmarked it. thanx a lot for mentioning that my comments too inspired u for blogging..:)

  9. they look like rasmalai..too good n yummy..

  10. Delicious & divine paal pidi!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  11. yet to try this...sounds absolutely yummm
    Tasty Appetite

  12. This is a sweet which I like a lot. Your preparations sounds very easy and looks too good. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  13. This looks absolutely divine, feel like emptying the whole bowl.

  14. wow that looks so appetizing and yummY!

  15. I have never made this. Looks yummy. Love the picture.

    In the broccoli-methi fry, the methi is not bitter. Soak and discard the water.

    Event: Herbs and Flowers - Garlic

  16. That looks scrumptious! A wonderful dish. Something I’d love to eat any time.

  17. This dish looks so inviting...lovely clicks too...

  18. It looks so delicious ramya. nice picture too.


  19. This recipe is very new to me. It looks yummy..

  20. have seen this in some other blog too.... luks so yumm... & perfect pic... happy to follow u

  21. hi first time here..linked thru potluck party event ...very nice and interesting recipe. hv never heard of this before! Happy to join ur blog..would be very glad if you visit my space and join me in my journey as well:-)

  22. Wow! how delightful Ramya! We have a similar dish in Mangalore called 'Gulyanchi Kheer' which means the rice dumplings stewed in coconut milk and is served especially to new moms :) our cuisines are so similar!!

  23. lovely dish ramya...and congrats for winning the best recipe for this....looks delicious....why don't you send it to my event:
    Event :My Diwali My Way
    Event: Kerala Kitchen
    Roundup: What’s on your kebab platter

  24. Made these and loved them!Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  25. Thanks Ramya, it was delicious...


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