September 2, 2011

ABC Series Begins - A for Apple

Hello Friends,

Staring this month, I am hosting a new series of events called ABC Series. For September, the theme is Apple.
Apple is a  commonly used fruit in our household. Apples can be eaten raw, used to make milkshakes, desserts, can be cooked, baked etc.

Compared to many other fruits and vegetables, apples contain relatively low amounts of vitamin C, but are a rich source of other antioxidant compounds.The fiber content, while less than in most other fruits, helps regulate bowel movements and may thus reduce the risk of colon cancer. They may also help with heart disease,weight loss,and controlling cholesterol. The fiber contained in apples reduces cholesterol by preventing re-absorption. Source: Wikipedia.

So, let's have some Apple recipes all through September.

Rules for the event:
1. Send any recipe that has Apple as one of the ingredient. Apple can be the main ingredient or used in combination with any other ingredients.
2. Please link back to this announcement page and use the logo above. Link your recipe using the linky tool below.
3. Archived entries are most welcome. Please update it with a link to this announcement page and use the logo in the post before linking it.
4. If you have any issues in linking, please drop a comment or send a mail to Non-bloggers can send the recipes to this email id.

Priya's Spiced Apple Jam, she couldn't link it

So, here you go...


  1. Thanks Ramya for your Award and sorry for the late response. I was little occupied with someother stuffs.

    It is really so sweet of you for notifying me 2 times. Thanks again for it.

    Abc series looks great and I would be sending my recipes soon.

    Happy Hosting!!!


  2. Amazing event Ramya. Will sure try to send some dishes. Happy hosting.

  3. nice event
    i love the fact that your rules has nothing to do with following your blog and liking ur facbook page
    I admire that

  4. lovely eventttttt i hv one entry to send in will post dat very soon :)

    happy hosting :)

  5. Happy hosting Ramya! Will try & send my entry soon :) btw, thanks for ur lovely comment on my post - glad u liked the Kori Sukka recipe :) Didnt know u lived in Blore before...r u a Kannadiga?

  6. wonderful event, Ramya will surely try to come up with something :) Thanks you for your comment :) hope my recipes are appealing and that you will follow my blog :) thanks dear!

  7. nice theme...happy hosting dear...sure will send in my entry :)

  8. nice event...will try to send a recipe....cheers

  9. Hi... first time to your blog... Nice event.. Will try sending my entries soon..

  10. Hi Ramya,This my first time here and I luv to participate with my entries - the wonder recipes of Apple.Thanks for the Event.

  11. Hi dear. Thanks for visiting my space and letting me know about the event. I have linked my post "Apple Rabdi" to it.

  12. Hi I have added the link and logo. Thanks!

  13. Hi Ramya, You have a wonderful blog. Loved it. linked 2 of my Apple recipes to this event. Thanks!

  14. nice event Ramya...sent you my entry....but I guess the pic has not been uploaded yet...don't know why.....please check it.
    Event : What’s On Your Kebab Platter : win a gift : few days left
    My Diwali My Way

  15. Thanks a lot Ramya for visiting my blog and letting me know about the event. I always knew there are events in many blogs but never knew how to be apart of it. Thanks once again dear!!!

  16. Ramya, I have linked my post "Apple Halwa". Plz check this.

  17. Hi Ramya, thank you for your lovely comments and your invite to the event. I've updated the post and linked here too :)

  18. heyyyyyyy i cnt c my participation award newhr :(

  19. Just amazing Ramya, you are doing such a great job hosting this site ! Thank God for people like you !


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