February 17, 2012

ABC Series: DESSERTS event roundup

Here is the roundup of my DESSERTS event of January 2012. This event received a whopping 146 entries. Thanks to all who sent their awesome recipes.

Here is an award for all you lovely people as a token of appreciation.

Top contributor awards go to

Faseela for sending 17 recipes
Maha  for sending 12 recipes

I have categorized the entries as below. Sorry, I couldnt include the pictures this time, as I am so busy with my office commitments this month. I had actually started the roundup draft with pics, but after a few hours I realized that it would take many more hours for me to complete it. So I had to drop the idea this time :-(
 I loved hosting this event and this roundup page is now an index to lookup whenever I feel like having a dessert.


Trifle pudding by Julie
Almond oats bread pudding by Sangee Vijay


Coconut cake by Sravani
Carrot cake by Rathai
 Chocolate cake by Poonam
Tres Leche cake by Fajeeda
Chocolate n Vanilla cake by Vidhya Viju Govind
Tiramisu by Zareena

Banoffee pie by Vidhya Viju Govind


Fig ice cream by Pumpkin farm
Fried ice cream by Faseela


Kheer-e-Bajra by Anjali Bapna Shukla
Badam kheer by Ramya kumar
Chana and moong payasam by Sravs
Semiya payasam by Julie
Aval payasam by Sobha Shyam
Brown rice carrot kheer by Nupur
Lauki ki kheer by Kaveri
Badam kheer by Sangee Vijay
Paal payasam by Prathibha
Saffron Sago Badami kheer by Roshan
Orange kheer and Paneer kheer by Preeti
Paalada Payasam and Wheat ada paayasam by Faseela
Carrot kheerLauki ka kheer , Poha kheer and Vermicelli kheer by Maha


Rasgulla by Santosh Bangar
Gul papdi by Amarendra
Till ke laddo by Maayeka
Kalkandu pongal by Hema
Corn rabdi by Varsha
Mango coconut laddoo by Manju
Chocolate kalakand by Vimitha
Doodhiya Gazar halwa by Anjali Bapna Shukla
Pathir pheni by Priya
Fig with tomato halwa by Jaleela
Chocolate badam burfi by Ramya kumar
Pineapple peach kesari bath by Sangee Vijay
Shahi rabri by Nalini
Til ke laddoo by Anisha Ranjit
Doodh Puli pithe by Indrani
Rasgulla/Rasmalai by Siri
Orange sooji halwa by Preeti
Gajar ka halwa from my blog
Patishapta and Banana Halwa by Chandrani
Bread pongal, Oats pongal and Oats Kesari by My Kitchen Flavours
Double ka meetha, Sweet pongal, Lauki halwa , Tricolour suji halwa and Bread jamuns by Maha

and some more...

Marie biscuit chocolate logs by Kaveri
Nuts 'bout you by Simran
 Carrot cream by Shree
Biko and Banana Nestle Dessert by Jaleela
Honeyed almonds and cashewnuts  by My Kitchen Flavours
Marshmallow pops by Quick Picks
Mini cake bites by Amy
Strawberry parfait by Sensible Veg
Cheesy sweet rolls by Santosh Bangar
Strawberry Yoghurt by Princy Vinoth
Banana fritters by simply.food
Choco-strawberry jam bars by Teena Mary
Mango delight and Sweet banana fritters by Maha
Fruit salad with chocolate custard and Chocolate canapes by MySpicyKitchen
Fruits and ice cream blast , Nutella Cocoa Sandwich and Tiranga fruit and ice cream dessert by Preeti
Dark chocolate pannacotta , Chocolate cake pops and Nuts, chocolate and peanut butter fudge by Priya
Apple crumble , Swiss roll , Blueberry parfait and Chocolate meringues by Pumpkin farm
Fruit puffs , Milk chocolate fudge , Cake rolls , Cake jam roll , Kubboos dumplingsEasy chocolate fudge and Nutro biscuit chocolate log by Faseela


  1. Lovely round up n congrats to the winners!!

  2. lovely roundup


  3. It's a good list that's categorized well & linked to each contributor's page. Great collection. I think it's fine without the photos, guess you shouldn't feel bad :)

  4. lovely round up dear.....thanks a lot for the award...

  5. Wow, this is a perfect index to look on for desserts indeed. :)

  6. Yummy roundup,so many yummy treats to pick and choose. Will come back to have a read about all the recipes one by one.

  7. award 4 me..wat a surprise.thank you ramya 4 giving this beautiful award n congrats to faseela.......

  8. Congrats Faseela & Maha.. wow!

  9. Nice round up, appreciate ur effort. Glad to see that ur still keep up with ur events, managing off work and family :) Great going Ramya, will try to link in for ur on going event soon...

  10. Chk

  11. Perfect round up of desserts. Congratulations to Faseela and Maha.

  12. that list of desserts will last one a loooong time :)

  13. Wonderful round up, great job!

  14. congrts for lovly windup events and congrts to maha and faseela for award

    top contributor awrds is for all or u have specific list for that......
    visit @my blog for my first event in ur free time :-)
    Ongoing Event--Color n Sweet-HOLI FEST
    Preeti's Kitchen Life

  15. thanks ramya for my 1st awards in any event...... thankss dear :)

  16. Hey Ramya,Thanx for the reminder just forgot to mention that,surely do that now..I just missed that,so sorry!!


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